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itn|wms food


Are you looking for a warehouse management system which can handle batch numbers?
Then our solution itn|wms food is the right one for you!

About itn|wms food

itn|wms food is created for companies which sell or produce food products. In the food business there are some strict requirements, especially when it comes to traceability. For that reason itn|wms food contains a standard function to handle products which have a batch number and an expiry date.

With itn|wms food you get a warehouse system that can optimize your working processes, all the way from goods reception to delivery. Already from the goods reception you can add a batch number, a location and the supplier to a product.

This means that when you have to do your picking, you can easily find the right product and register the customer who bought the specific batch number. By doing this you increase the traceability markedly.

With our warehouse systems you can attach a portable terminal and by that optimize your working processes even more.

The functions in itn|wms food are:

  • Goods reception
  • Put away and location mangement
  • Pick
  • Batch and expiry date mangement


itn|wms food provides you with some benefits like, safety when it comes to goods reception and registration of batch numbers. This also results in a high level of traceability in your whole chain of distribution. Another benefit you get with the application is that you can add batch numbers to an order by using the FIFO-principle (first in, first out). The benefit you get from this is a minimal chance that your products pass the expiry date.

In case you want to optimize your warehouse even more, you can connect itn|wms food with our scanning application itn|wms2go. By doing that you can increase the quality of your work, lower the delivery time and improve the safety.

A little picture with different kind of food. In the center there is a litlle sign with the text "batch cooking"


  • In this section we have highlighted some of the functions which itn|wms food contains. This will help you understand the application and it’s functions.
  • • WMS

  • • Warehouse management with scanning

  • • Order registration

  • • Batch number management 

  • • Reordering

Introduction video

Alternative wms-solutions

Is itn|wms food not the right solution for you? Then look at our other wms solutions below, and see if you find one which suit you better:

itn|wms trading is for you who run a trading company or a similar business, where there is no need to manage products with batch numbers and serial numbers. The application is ideal for you who want to register goods in and out of the warehouse.

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itn|wms electronic is a warehouse management system which is developed for companies in the electronic business, or other companies who tend to have products with serial numbers. itn|wms electronic is an excellent tool to manage your warranty promises.

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itn|wms fashion is our wms solution developed for fashion companies where there is a special need to manage products with variants. With the application you can gather and optimize your order flow, all the way from order to delivery. itn|wms fashion

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In case that none of our solutions suit you – you are more than welcome to contact us, so we can find the right solution for you and your company.

Prices and subscriptions


  • Monthly subscription 15 €
  • Monthly user fee 6 €
  • Without start-up help


  • Monthly subscription 15 €
  • Monthly user fee 6 €
  • With start-up help

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