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Batch number and expiry date

Do you have the need to manage batch number and expiry date?
Then you will find our solution itn|batch relevant

About Batch number and expiry date

With this application you get a program that can help you manage products which contain a batch number or an expiry date. It will provide you with a better overview of the amount of batch numbers you have on stock.

itn|batch makes it possible for you to choose a specific product and then add a batch number and an expiry date. If needed you can also choose a product and then put it in quarantine or completely delete it.

With the application you can also add a batch number to an order and after accounting to an invoice. At the same time you can register which supply they come from. The app also contains a batch history which allows you to see data about, sold batches, batches from suppliers and invoices with a specific batch number. Overall this means the app will give you total traceability when it comes to purchase, sale and your stock.


  • In this section we have highlighted some of the functions which itn|vision contains. This will help you understand the app and its functions.
  • • Register batch number and expiry dates on stock

  • • Assigning batch and expiry date to the order / invoice

  • • The app understands the FIFO-principle

  • • Traceability of which batch is sold to which customers

  • • Which supplier has delivered which batch

  • • Total traceability from supplier to customer


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