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Support and guidance

Here you can find support and guidance for Reviso. We are here for you!



Support and guidance for Reviso 

On this page you will find our support and guidance for Reviso.

We offer some different ways to get the support. You can call us, send us an E-mail, we can skype with each other,
arrange a meeting or we can use Team Viewer.

We will continuously update our support videos, so it becomes easier for you to get the most accurate help.

Do you have any question then feel free to contact us or just call on + 45 70 25 76 00.

If you want you can follow us on Facebook and YouTube – where we will upload updates and new support videos.



How much does your products cost?
  • The price of our products depends on, what type of solution your company need. If you only need one of our apps for Reviso, you will have to pay for the access to the app and a monthly fee. The price of some of our apps can depends on how many users need to have access to the app.
  • Another option could be our Business Solutions. If you choose one of these, you will have to pay for the access to the app, a monthly fee and the number of users that need access to the Business Solution.You will be able to see the price of the Business Solutions on the individual page covering the solution you need.
  • A third option could be if you want us to design a customized solution. The price will then depend on the size of the task and how much the final product will include. If you believe that this option would be the right one for you, you are welcome to contact us to an informal discussion.
How long does it take before I can begin using my new product?
  • How long it takes for your solution to be ready for use, depends on the type of solution. If you have bought one of our standard solutions, you will be able to start using the app within 24 hours.
  • If you have bought one of our other solutions or a customized solution, it can be difficult to say how long it will take before your solution is ready for use. We make an effort to get the solution integrated in your company’s workflow as fast as possible.
What if none of your industrial solutions covers my business?
  • We are constantly working on new solutions, so that we are able to cover a wide range of industries. If you do not find an industry solution that covers your company, you have the following options
  • You can either look further into our preprogrammed apps. Here you are able to gather a few of our preprogrammed apps to create your own customized solution
  • You are also welcome to contact us and then we can create a new solution together.

How can I easily get information and assistance regarding your solutions?
  • If you have any problems or just need some guidance to one of our solutions, you have several options.The first option is to go to the webpage of the specific solution and check the presentation video describing the solution.If this does not fulfill your requirement, you can check the “support and videos” webpage in the menu.If these videos do not give you the required information, you are very welcome to contact us by phone or by e-mail. Then we will support and guide you.
What if I use another ERP-system than Reviso?
  • Our solutions have been developed to use together with Reviso. However, this does not exclude that we can develop solutions for other ERP-systems.  If you use another ERP-system, you are welcome to contact us, then we can find a solution.
Is it necessary to enter data in both Reviso and in the app itself?
  • All the data will be collected from Reviso’s indexes and reused in the app. Most of the data will be transferred automatically, but in some cases, some of the data has to be entered directly into the app.