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Register orders and optimize your sale with this application for tablet!

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Optimize your sale with itn|sales2go

itn|sales2go is a sales registration app which purpose is to optimize your sale.

With this application you or your salespersons can stand with a tablet at a trade exhibition, you can bring it to a customer or simply use it in another way, which fits your company.

itn|sales2go provides you with a fast overview of all of the company’s products including pictures. You are also able to sort the products after product lines.

Show different currencies to different customers

Are you in a situation where you have customers from different countries who use different currencies?

With itn|sales2go you can attach different currencies to different customers. This means if you have customers who use dollars you can show the prices in dollars to them and if they use euros, you can show the price in euros for them.

The only thing you have to do is choosing a customer in the top menu and then the prices change automatically to the currency set for the client.

Sell with help from scanning 

Our application itn|sales2go is developed specifically for improving your company’s sale. Therefore we think it’s important that you have the option to scan a barcode on a product.

When you scan one of your products you go straight to this specific product’s page. This means you can just scan the product to find it and not first search to find it first.

Get a fast and clear overview of your stock

See multiple information about a product on the individual product page.

You have for instance the option to choose among different variants, pictures of the variants and of course the price,

Furthermore you can see your stock, this means you always know how many you have in stock and by that you know if you are able to deliver to the customer.

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